About Us

Kricon Group was founded in 2010, by a group of highly experienced professionals, who wanted to build a tank container transport company which would with growth still carry their values.

Taking Сare Of Your Cargo
SINCE 2010
These values are:
  • 1Safety first!
  • 2Personal approach to every client
  • 3Flexibility, always try to find a way to make things done
  • 4Always work only with state of the art equipment
  • 5Atmosphere in the company stays family like, no matter the company size

Today, many years later we can say that the goal was achieved. Our company became bigger and the core principles are felt stronger than ever. We believe in the years to come our colleagues will be working hard to carve them into stone!

The history of Kricon Group
We were founded 11 years ago and all of these years were filled with memorable events. The most remarkable of them can be found on the timeline below.