Flexitank sales and transport

Decades of experience in bulk liquid industry, shipping & logistics, Chemical and Food specifics, Flexitanks as well as Iso Tank Containers, storage and liquid cargo handling together with a global network and local availability is what differs us from most of our competitors.

We are offering

  • High Quality Multi-Layer Flexitanks for 20ft Containers ranging from 14000 – 24000 Litres capacity for the transportation of non-hazardous liquid food or chemical products.
  • All our Flexitanks are supplied together with state-of-the-art accessories, Lining and Bulkheads.
  • Various valve and gasket specifications are available on customer request.
  • We can offer product compatibility testing in case compatibility with the Flexitank material (Polyethylene and Polypropylene) is unknown.
  • It is a single-time bag used for a one-way trip. After unloading it is easily dismounted and disposed of. In a folded state it is about 0,25 m3 and weighs 60kg;
  • All Flexitanks supplied by KriCon Group are manufactured to internationally recognized food industry standards.
  • Fitting of Flexitanks take place in fully controlled or owned Depots by trained and audited staff only.
  • Loading & discharging equipment such as adapters, hoses and pumps can be supplied on demand as well as technical loading & discharging supervision.
  • Technical Services such as cargo transfer to/from Flexitanks, drumming or other means of cargo handling and storage is part of our offer.
  • In case of Accidents an emergency response protocol as well as a Emergency Response Teams are available for immediate action.
  • KriCon Group is holding comprehensive Insurance coverage and can offer transport insurance solutions customized to individual needs.
  • KriCon Group is a Member of the Container Owners Association (COA) and strictly following and adhering to the Code of Practice (CoP) for Flexitanks.
  • KriCon Group is offering technical consultancy to analyse your supply chain and your current mode of transport. Being completely risk-averse we will offer you the safest solution to load and ship your product.
  • Transport AND Product Safety is where we direct our main attention.

Kricon Group Flexitank division provides worldwide services, which include Flexitank sales and fitting and a full range of logistics services.

Why KriCon Flexitank?
  • Decades of experience and knowledge in liquid bulk chemical shipments and shipping
  • Professional Staff from bulk liquid logistics industry with +25 years of experience
  • Network of own offices
  • Global agency network
  • Network of own or fully controlled Flexitank Depots
  • Extensive Flexitank stock, various types of equipment and Flexitank capacities
  • In-house trucking
  • High quality Flexitank and superior quality accessories
  • Comprehensive insurance coverage
  • In-house liquid cargo handling, transferring, drumming, and blending facilities
  • 24hr emergency response capability in Europe
  • Technical equipment availability
  • Multiple industry related certifications
  • Membership in various industry association such as COA (Container Owners Association) and ITCO
For more information or advice please don’t hesitate to phone one of your contacts in one of the KriCon offices or submit your detailed request. One of our sales consultants will be glad to advise you, in a friendly manner and without any obligation.