Special Containers

In our fleet we have tank containers which are fit to do transport of products which require special care and extra safety measures. Main types of such equipment you can find below.

If you need more information or you have a request for a container type which is not listed below please do not hesitate to contact us and we will supply or even build a tank container specially for your needs.


Twinpot is a 20ft T11 container, but it has 2 chambers instead of 1. This allows it to carry 2 different products at a time. Our twinpot containers have 2 x 13000 ltr chambers and some of them have baffles, so you can carry a low amount of cargo in them.

All valves are identical to the standard 20ft T11, the twinpot just has 2 sets of valves fitted.

Discharge bottom valves are located on the back and on the side of the container, as shown on thepictures below.


These containers have the possibility to be operated fully from ground level, without having to climb on top of the container. This increases the safety of the operator and is a must on some plants, which do not have their own „fall“ protection in place.


Standard 20ft T11 are able to be filled 0-20% or 80-95% to follow the safety restrictions and to minimize the “wave effect” during tank container transportation.

Baffles are walls inside the container, which act like wave breakers, making the cargo in the container more stable during transport allowing the container to fill from 0% to 95%.


Top bottom containers are standard 20ft T11 tanks having both bottom and top valve connections. This allows loading / unloading in a closed circle without product vapors entering the atmosphere. For this reason, they are equipped with a 3’’ top valve and a stack pipe.

T14 AND T20

T14 and T20 are both containers for carrying special cargoes and their main difference from standard T11 is no possibility to load from the bottom to reduce leakage possibility. Difference between T14 and T20 is shell thickness and maximum working pressure..


T50 UN portable gas tank containers are designed for high pressure gases. The tanks are designed and built in accordance with: IMDG, RID/ADR, ASME VII DIV 2, UIC, CSC, CFR49, U2 Stamp in.

T75 UN portable cryogenic tank containers are designed for the transport of refrigerated liquefied gas. These tanks can be manufactured in 10ft, 20 ft and 40 ft frames.


In our fleet we have tank containers equipped with heating systems, so your cargo can be heated while on route. We also offer services of deliveries on a trailer with a Genset, making it possible to heat also while being delivered by truck. All our heated containers have tracking systems installed on them, so our customers can track the position and temperature of their cargo online.


Kricon offers 2 types of heating system:

  • Glycol heating system
    This system heats glycol and runs it through the steam heating pipes of the tank container.
  • Electrical element heating system
For more information or advice please don’t hesitate to phone one of your contacts in one of the KriCon offices or submit your detailed request. One of our sales consultants will be glad to advise you, in a friendly manner and without any obligation.